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About Alpacas

  • ALPACAS are members of the CAMELID family as are llamas.

  • The HUACAYA Alpaca has a dense fluffy fleece.  The Suri Alpaca has a long lustered fleece.

  • ALPACAS originated from South America, high in the Andes Mountains of Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

  • ALPACAS have strong herding instincts and need to have another alpaca as a companion.

  • A female carries her baby 11-12 months and will give birth to a baby CRIA.

  • ALPACAS stand about 36” tall at the shoulders, weigh 135-160 lbs and live about 20 years.

  • ALPACAS come in 22 natural colors.

  • ALPACAS have padded feet, which are easy on pastures.

  • ALPACAS are sheared once a year, in the spring so they can stay cool in the summer.

  • ALPACA fiber is similar to cashmere in its fineness and mohair for its strength; it is warmer, lighter and softer than sheep’s wool.

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